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She is incredible! Triggers MUST have been planted, becuase I am doing some weird things now and have random submissive urges that come over me out of nowhere! I am hooked! ~controlled4ever

Once she's gotten into your head, it feels waaay to good to even think about the alternative. Classy, fun, and intensely potent. ~hypno-sensualist

i'm so glad i gave my mind to Hypnodomme Goddess Lycia to rewire and reprogram. i was a lost submissive soul who didn't know which way to turn. Now i worship the Ultimate Goddess, and i can find joy and happiness just by making Her happy. Life is so much more simple now, i'm aroused so much and i suffer erotically every day. i'm so lucky to be Her slave. ~ lolstreamz4eva

How do you begin to describe perfection? Goddess Lycia has a voice like a fine musical instrument. She can use it to evoke emotions and feeling I didn't know I had. She can use it to make me wimper with desire or explode in a "soul changing" climax. She has changed my fantasy into a reality. Each call makes me fall deeper in love with her. Each call makes my defenses weaker and weaker. She owns my heart and is taking possession of my soul. I can't wait to call her again. ~beansdadr

Goddess Lycia, You are the most overwhelmingly powerful hypnotist i have encountered! Your beauty is astounding, Your voice is mesmerizing, and i awake from Your trances in absolute awe of Your Perfection. i am at Your feet looking up at You in total worship of You! ~Brian MC

She is amazing, in a different league to anyone else out there. That was my first session with Goddess Lycia, her mp3s are incredible but even they're eclipsed by how powerful and beautiful her hypnosis is on the phone. ~kra31

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Hypnotic Domination by a Premiere HypnoDomme

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the subject is hypersuggestibe. Therefore, suggestions made under hypnosis reach deep into the subject's subconscious mind, where they take form. Hypnosis can be used for a number of things, including fantasy experience, behavior modification, mind control, brainwashing, and even changes in the body.

Hypnosis begins with an induction, which can last anywhere from 2-10 minutes. After the induction, deepeners, triggers, and post-hypnotic suggestions can be implanted.

Many people enjoy hypnosis simply for the effect it has on the mind. The subject is likely to feel very empty and blank. It can be wonderful escape from the trials of daily life. Hypnosis can also intensify physical and emotional sensations, leading up to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Some popular requests to combine with hypnosis include love and addiction (making the subject fall in love with/become addicted to the hypnotist), tease and denial/cock control (controlling the subject's ability to touch and cum), humiliation (making the subject say and do things he wouldn't normally say or do), and feminization (helping the closet sissy come out). Additionally, many people enjoy being placed in a fantasy setting and experiencing a piece of fiction as if it is reality.

Goddess Lycia is truly a nonpareil. She has devoted a great amount of time and effort to perfecting Her craft, rather than coasting on some half-learned principles and Her undeniable good looks. ~tenebrax


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