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i'm not even sure i fully understood what the words erotic and fetish meant before i made the first call to Goddess Lycia. Now She has taught me to think correctly and i know that Goddess Lycia is my fetish, there is no more intense arousal than a session with Her. To be hypnotized by Her is pure bliss and likely more sexual arousal than anyone male can be expected to handle. ~ lyciaskitty

Goddess Lycia is wonderful, i've only been able to be an on again off again member of Her Cult, but listen to and recommend any of Her hypnotics that She has for sale. ~ rediwhip

Wow, what sledgehammer did you hit me with? ~ brooklynmark09

She ripped my humanity from me. She took away my words. She left me as a cunt, a bitch, a whore, a set of holes. She has taken my mind away and now I am only holes. Holes to be fucked. A cunt a bitch a slut. She will do the same to you. If you are lucky. ~ insatiabledemon

I try and resist Goddess but I am pathetic and weak and she knows just how to use this puppet's weaknesses....I saw her fingernail animation and immediately pushed the button...thank you goddess for mind fucking me... ~ volca

She is very, very good indeed. I must say I am somewhat smitten. Very controlling, very erotic, absolutely class...yum! ~ subhubbie

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I love exploring new fetishes, as well as appreciating the more common ones. I am very open-minded, and if your fetish is bizarre or uncommon, even better!

Some of the more popular fetishes I enjoy include:

*foot fetish

*shoe/boot fetish

*pantyhose fetish

*panty fetish

*giantess/macrophilia fetish

*latex/vinyl/rubber fetish

*fingernail fetish

*lipstick fetish


Fetish by Goddess Lycia

"Feet Suite"


Lycia and Isabella are high-class escorts who were hired to surprise you in your hotel room. We were previously informed about your foot and leg fetish, and we use our knowledge to make you extremely horny and desperate to cum! Includes shoe fetish, high boot fetish, pantyhose fetish, bare foot fetish. 13 minutes for $9.99 (post production by Isabella Valentine)


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