Fetish Photos of Hypnodomme Goddess Lycia
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glasses fetish
"Smart And Sexy"

Black-framed glasses, moist red lipstick, and long, platinum blonde hair. These voluptuous goddess worship pics will have you diddling in my honour (unless you are in chastity, which means you just suffer). You love me because of my unique beauty, sexual intensity, intelligence, and feminine power. Gaze up at me in awe as you listen to my brainwashing files! 15 high-resolution images for $19.99

Includes: glasses fetish, lipstick fetish, heavy makeup, blonde fetish, platinum blonde, voluptuous, curvy, goddess worship

fetish photos
"Superior Glamour Goddess"

You are so ready to see Goddess Lycia as you've never seen her before! In this set of high-resolution vintage glamour photos, my beauty takes you to previously unexplored realms of erotic fantasy. These images are both highly provocative and classy, captured by a skilled, professional photographer. They include visual stimulation for those who enjoy fur fetish, foot fetish, shoe fetish, glove fetish, lipstick fetish, voluptuous women fetish, blonde women fetish, and a fetish for all things sensually glamorous. It also helps if you have a thing for full, red lips on an open mouth, and a fetish for being enraptured by the beauty of a superior erotic Goddess.

Above are three tiny samples for you to obsess over until you cannot help but purchase the entire set of twenty-eight high-resolution vintage glamour fetish photos. Each individual photograph is a true masterpiece; you will undoubtedly treasure this collection. Perfect for those who love Goddess Worship and Femdom Elegance.

28 photos - 72 dpi - 2592 x 3888 pixels

lipstick fetish
"Lipstick Bliss Fetish Pics"
Goddess Lycia has chosen 10 colors from her extensive collection of luxury lipsticks with which to enhance her perfect pout. In this lipstick fetish photo set of 20 images, you will see images of her lips up close, as well as images of her gorgeous, sexy face in its entirety. Some images also include the lipstick tube and Goddess' beautiful gloves. These images are so incredibly sexy, you won't be able to tell if the lipstick is enhancing the beauty of Goddess Lycia, or if Goddess Lycia's beauty is enhancing the appeal of the lipsticks! You simply must see her perfectly-shaped, sensually pouty lips in this incredibly arousing lipstick fetish photo set. You will treasure and cherish each and every image. 20 jpg photos in a .zip folder.
fetish photos
"Cutesie Humiliatrix"
Twenty-five captioned images of Goddess Lycia humiliating you and your inadequate penis. You diddle on the floor before me while I giggle and mock your "sex life." Foot fetish, foot teasing, foot worship, bare feet, humiliation, small penis humiliation, verbal abuse, mocking, guided masturbation, orgasm control, cuckold references.

Images are in a zip folder. Enjoy!

fetish photos
"Floor POV"

Fifteen images of my Divinely Gorgeous legs, feet and shoes, from the point of view (POV) of a slave on the floor. These glamorous, seductive, high-quality images will make you feel like you are literally on the floor before me, begging to do my bidding. Perhaps I want you to sniff, perhaps I want you to lick. Or maybe I just want to drive you crazy with lust, as you grovel before me with an erection, hands bound behind your back...

Photography by my good friend and fellow Femdom, Mz Devon. Images are in a zip folder.