Hosiery Fetish Videos by Goddess Lycia
"I Figured Out your Fetish!"
Why are you looking at me that way? You look like you're aroused or something. OMG, you *are* aroused, how funny. Why? Is it my sexy satin opera gloves? Oh wait, it's my sizzling leather booties, right? OH... I know what it is! That lump in your pants is because of my pantyhose and stockings! Haha, teasie, teasie! Oh, it's totally fine if you get horny about my pantyhose, but you're going to have to sniff my shoes and my feet. And *then* you'll be addicted, and you'll have to start giving me MONEY to experience it again! 10:31 minutes for $12.99

Includes: pantyhose fetish, stocking fetish, smell fetish, shoe fetish, satin gloves, cleavage, teasing, manipulation, financial domination, femdom

Goddess Lycia hypnotizes you to need her powerful and magickal scent, as she teases you with her well-worn shoes and sexy brown tights. This isn't an ordinary scent...it is the special, dark, pungent scent of Goddess Lycia. Her pheromones go directly to your brain, changing how you see the world. As you become more accustomed to her fragrance, you will begin to need it as sure as the air you breathe.

Includes: pantyhose, tights, hosiery fetish, foot fetish, ass fetish, scent fetish, smell fetish, worn clothing, worn shoes, erotic hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, addiction. 7:15 minutes for $7.99
"Hypno Hose "

Hypnotic hosiery tease video with audio. Watch as Goddess Lycia removes and puts on Her cuban-heeled thigh-highs over Her shiny pantyhose again and again. She sweetly teases you about how much Her hosiery controls your mind and body.

Includes: pantyhose fetish, thigh-highs, stockings, garter belt, foot fetish, feet, toes, strappy heels, corset, bra, cleavage, legs, teasing, brainwashing, addiction, two-toned sheer cuban heel backseam stockings. 7:35 minutes. for $8.99