Humiliation Videos by Goddess Lycia
humiliation hypnosis
"Blank, Horny, and Humiliated"

This is a brainwashing video that will make you Blank, Horny, and Humiliated. You will be triggered into masturbating as you stare at my hypnotic lips. I put in LOTS of visual and audio subliminals, so they will go right past your conscious mind and comfortably settle into your innermost workings. Basically, this video is a visual and audio mind control and brainwashing masterpiece that will addict and enslave you to its control. 17 minutes for $24.99

Includes: lipstick fetish, breast fetish, mind control, brainwashing, humiliation, hypno-robo, enslavement, forced masturbation, forced exhibitionism, compulsive masturbation, tease and denial, orgasm denial, being dumbed down, being laughed at

"Foot Freak Valentine"

Omg lol, what a hilarious pathetic LOSER. While I'm out having a blast on Valentine's Day, you are going to be watching this HUMILIATING foot fetish video over and over again. Then, when I am back from a night out and making love with NOT YOU, you will still be diddling your ridiculous thingy to the image of my smelly soles. Which you paid for!!! ~lololololol~ 3:36 minutes for $4.99

Includes: humiliation, verbal abuse, foot fetish, bare feet, soles, laughing, giggling

"Heartbreak Valentine"

It's the day before Valentine's Day, and you can't wait for your date with Goddess Lycia tomorrow night. Maybe she will let you kiss her; you did just buy her a new car. But what is this e-mail you are getting from her, with a video download? Much to your horror, it is Goddess smashing your heart to smithereens as she cruelly dumps you. She got what she wanted, and now it's OVER. 4:42 minutes for $6.99

Includes: humiliation, verbal abuse, cleavage, financial masochism, cruel Goddess, heartbreak

"Dark Lips Humiliation"

This was a fetish clip request from an admirer:

Goddess Lycia is in a especially sadistic mood. She puts on black lipstick and then messages her slave. Her slave not being good enough to see her face only gets to see her sadistic evil lips and her the evil words she says. She mesmerizes and humiliates her slave with her hypnotic lips.

Includes: humiliation, verbal abuse, lipstick fetish, dark lipstick, full lips. 4:26 minutes for $4.99

"Mind Fuck Masturbation "

This mind fuck video with drive you crazy! I recorded three separate clips, and have them all playing at the same time. In the first box, I tell you how sweet and cute you are, and how much I love you. In the second box, I tell you that I am just fucking kidding. I do NOT love you; you are just a horny dipshit that I am using for money. I also mix some abuse into the "sweet" one, and some sweetness into the "mean" one, just to fuck with you even more. Then, in the background, I simulate a hand-job on my dildo and command you to stroke while I fuck with your brain and your heart.

Includes: mind fuck, mind games, forced masturbation, love and addiction, humiliation, verbal abuse. 9:21 mins. for $12.99