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erotic hypnosis
"Thought Obliteration"

Has your mind been in overdrive, lately? Are there a bunch of thoughts going on in your head like way too often? Wouldn't it be nice to clear all that brainfunk completely the fuck out? Yes, sweetie, it would be DIVINE to get rid of that irritating jumble of congested, cognitive freeways that keeps my poor sweetie from relaxing.

In this brainwashing audio file, I will clear out your mind and turn you into a peaceful dumb-dumb. It's okay, you can be smart again another time. But for your own good, you must use this brainwashing file at least once per week, in order to have your thoughts obliterated. After each listen, you will feel reset, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

Of course, because this is a Goddess Lycia file, I'll also make you very horny and desperate to cum.

Includes: femdom brainwashing, thought reduction, thought obliteration, making you temporarily dumb, hypnotic control, mind control, increased sexual arousal, addiction to this file, enslavement to Goddess Lycia, light humiliation, tease and denial.. 27 mins. for $29.99

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erotic hypnosis
"Virginity Reset"

This Femdom hypnosis file will reset your virginity, so that all you know about sex is what you learn from Goddess Lycia.

I understand, sweetie, that you need to be removed from the burden of manhood. You need to be shown your true purpose, which is service to me and all women. Being a benevolent Goddess, I wish to help. After guiding you into into a deep sleep, I will peer into your subconscious mind and remove any memory of ever being intimate with a woman. This includes all instances of regular sex, receiving blowjobs, licking pussy, or even touching a boob. Those are things men do, and they are not for little virgin boys. The only sexual experiences virgin boys can remember are experiences where they submitted to dominant women, paid a woman in order to cum, or got rejected by a woman. Those memories reinforce your desire to stay a virgin.

Once your regular sexual experiences have been eliminated, you are once again a virgin. As a virgin boy, you must learn about your sexuality from me, as it is entirely mine to define. I will teach you to think and behave correctly as a virgin boy, which includes teachings on celibacy, chastity, virtue, subservience to women, and Goddess worship.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, chastity, enslavement, female superiority, goddess worship. 26 mins. for $29.99

Listen to "Virginity Reset" Sample:
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erotic hypnosis
"Wet Dream"

Do you find the sound of rain to be relaxing? During this erotic hypnosis session, Goddess Lycia will enchant and entrance you during a soothing, sensual rainstorm, and cause you to fall asleep for the night. While you are asleep, you will also have a wet dream (a sexual dream which will cause you to actually ejaculate in your sleep).

The contents of your wet dream will be based on your personal fantasies, desires, fetishes, and turn-ons, so you can't go wrong! You can fall asleep easily and have an amazing wet dream that revolves around your fetishes each time you listen to this erotic hypnosis file.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, sleep hypnosis, wet dream hypnosis. 32:46 mins. for $34.99

Listen to "Wet Dream" Sample:
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erotic hypnosis
"Worker Bee Hypno"

This is an Femdom erotic hypnosis and mind control session that makes you addicted to and aroused by doing work for me. I do not need to give you anything in return, you will just become obsessed with doing jobs that benefit my luxuries and my lifestyle. Whatever your talents are, they will be put to use. If you have no useful talents, you will promote me in other ways. You will become deeply and irrevocably brainwashed into being my horny working slave, who is aroused ONLY when you are being of service to me. And when you are being of service to me, you will be sexually aroused beyond belief the entire time.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, mind control , brainwashing, working slave, task slave, chore fetish, orgasm control, cock control, male submission, enslavement to me, me as your muse, creative inspiration. 26:47 mins. for $24.99

Listen to "Worker Bee Hypno" Sample:
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erotic hypnosis
"Kissing and Edging Trance"

This Femdom hypnosis audio session is based on a request from an admirer:

My idea is a hypnosis session that ends with a very sexy orgasm, but with a lot of teasing, denying, and arousal in order to get there. Something like a scenario where I (the listener) would get to experience what it would be like to share an intimate encounter with you. But only one where you have complete control and maintain your dominance.

After the induction you would tell me to imagine that I'm alone with you. We could be sitting on a comfortable sofa or laying back in a soft warm bed. You would have me look deep into your eyes while you speak to me. Tell me to watch your sensual lips move as I listen closely to every word you speak. Then you'd begin to tease with kisses, sexual touches, ...etc....but always pulling back when you know the orgasm is getting too close. As you proceed to seduce me, the kissing and touching would grow more intimate and sexual. But you would still deny the orgasm when it got close and it would hurt even more because the arousal would be that much higher.

After lots of sexy teasing and lots of cruel denial, you would finally ask me to prove how much I wanted to cum by giving you the most passionate sensual romantic kiss I am capable of. Then you would kiss me, and decide that it was good enough and allow me to cum. You would make me cum by some sort of sexual touch. (my favorite would be oral sex, but only because I love blowjobs, but any kind of intimate sex act would be wonderful too) But the orgasm would be used to further my devotion to you and your control over me.

So here it is!

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, sensual domination, kissing fetish, kissing sounds, tease and denial, tease and delay, edging, hand job, blowjob, eventual orgasm, deeper enslavement, whispered subliminals. 55:08 mins. for $39.99

Listen to "Kissing and Edging Trance" Sample:
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erotic hypnosis
"Teasing your Cummies Out"

In this erotic hypnosis session, I first do an induction into trance, where you will become very relaxed and highly suggestible. Once you are in a deep state of trance, I will take control over your body and mind completely. Your level of sexual arousal will increase as I build your quantity of cummies, making your balls very full and heavy. Then I will tease your cummies out using a combination of sexual moaning, kissy sounds, and repetition of trigger phrases, such as “I am teasing your cummies out.” You will also be conditioned to become more permanently and irrevocably enslaved to me.

You may orgasm any time after the induction. In case the cummies aren’t yet released by the time we near the end of this session, I will give an orgasm trigger that will force them out.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, teasing, kissies, moaning, cutesie talk, forced orgasm, enslavement. 40:50 minutes for $34.99

Listen to "Teasing your Cummies Out" Sample:
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erotic hypnosis
"The Sperm Collector"

Goddess Lycia derives power from each and every orgasm you have in Her honor, and the more intense your orgasm, the more powerful She becomes. Fall into a deep trance for Goddess; it's easy to do. Just allow the vibration of My voice to fill the cells and molecules of your body. Once you are in a Deep Sleep, you will have no choice but to become more and more aroused and addicted to being under My control. I will lead you to an amazing orgasm, in which you will become more completely and irrevocably enslaved than ever before. It doesn't matter whether you want to cum or not; I WILL have ALL your sperm, and you will want to cum in honor of ME each and every time.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, forced orgasm, enslavement. 26:42 minutes for $24.99

Listen to "The Sperm Collector" Sample:
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erotic hypnosis
"Her Every Desire"

In this erotic hypnosis audio file, Goddess Lycia trains you to be the perfect submissive to the primary Woman in your life, weather it be your wife, girlfriend, or Mistress. It will also make it so any other recordings having to do with enslavement to Me will be registered in your mind as being for Her. You will remain chaste to anyone but Her, and you will orgasm only when She wants you to. You will have a sense of ownership by this Lady, and will give Her complete authority.

Once I have you in a deep state of trance, I will program and rewire your subconscious mind so that you naturally become more attentive and compliant to the needs of your special Lady, sexually and otherwise. Your desires are secondary to Hers, and you will be compelled to discover what all Her desires are, so that you can meet them. After you have been programmed by this hypnosis file, there will be no question about your purpose here on earth: you are here to serve Her in any and all ways possible, and your life will revolve around tending to her every desire.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, female authority, male submission, chastity. 21:09 minutes for $24.99

Listen to "Her Every Desire" Sample:
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"The Gentlemen's Club"

In this Femdom erotic hypnosis session, I will be taking you to one of my favorite venues, a special place that I have created and continue to operate quite successfully... The Gentlemen's Club. I have no doubt that you will enjoy your time here; but before we commence this journey, just be certain that you are okay with being enslaved to me, because that is my ultimate goal, and it’s why The Gentlemen’s Club was built in the first place. If you are already my slave, then your level of enslavement will be deepened and intensified. If you are not yet my slave, this journey will serve as your initiation, and I assure you that it will be very powerful and effective. All you need to do is enjoy your time with the Ladies and I in this very special place; simply joining us here will irrevocably addict you. It's very likely that you will never want to leave.

Includes: erotic hypnosis; femdom hypnosis; young, beautiful, erotic dancers; intoxicating beverages; magically-infused environment; bewitching kissy; mind control; enslavement; orgasm trigger at end. 36:49 minutes for $34.99

Listen to "The Gentlemen's Club" Sample:
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"The Devil's Breath"

In this femme fatale hypnosis session, Goddess Lycia uses the "World's Scariest Drug" to completely remove your free will. I will instill triggers in you which make it so that whenever I put you under the influence of scopolamine (also known as burundanga and "The Devil's Breath") you will:

a) Have no choice but to obey my every command, no matter what the consequences
b) Have to answer any and all of my questions with complete honesty

Additionally, no matter what questions I make you answer, and no matter what I have you do while under the influence of the drug, you will have no memory of it later. I could have you send me everything in your bank account, and later on you will have complete amnesia to the fact that you have done so. And one of the best things about scopolamine is that you will behave completely normal while you are under its influence. For example, if you have a roommate and the roommate sees you sending me all of the money in your bank account, you will appear to be doing it of your own free will, while completely clear-headed and conscious ~smiles~

All I need to do is take you into a deep trance, and wave my stack of money in front of your face. The money has been infused with the powder, so all you need to do is breathe. Once you inhale the powder, you will be under its influence, and I can instill permanent trigger words that I will be using on you whenever I wish to completely shut down your M1 receptors, turning you into a submissive, obedient robot. Of course, it would be a waste of precious powder for me to not use you as much as I possibly can during this session. I simply must do more than instill triggers, so just be sure you have a computer nearby and that your Niteflirt account has plenty of accessible funds.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, mind control, femme fatale, financial domination, no free will, truth serum. 35 minutes for $34.99.

Note: The only reason I can sell this mp3 is because scopolamine is not illegal in the USA, yet. Look up "burundanga documentary" online to see a YouTube video on how truly dangerous and effective this drug really is! Not for the faint of heart.

Listen to "The Devil's Breath" Sample:
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"Lycia in Charge"

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the type of handsome, submissive man that I might take to bed with me? In this Femdom erotic hypnosis session, that is exactly where I take you. However, beware: I am not at all concerned with what you like doing in bed; this is all about ME and how I want to play with you. Some things that I do might just be exactly what you love. Other things I do to you might typically be turn-offs, or even hard limits, for you. But this is MY month, and I am going to do what I want to do to your body, without any consideration for your personal tastes. It's not as if you could escape, anyway; you are under my hypnotic control. Welcome to a trance session where Goddess Lycia is TRULY in charge, and you are just a human toy for her to play with. Hence, the title of this audio file: Lycia in Charge.

28:45 minutes for $23

Listen to "Lycia in Charge" Sample:
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"Sworn Into Slavery"

This Femdom hypnosis MP3 is based on a request:

I would love a "repeat after me" recording from you. One that would make me repeat things that would make me more yours, more owned by you. The big thing is to make sure there is time for me to speak on the recording. You could make me repeat back things to where it is personal to me. like you say, "I own you now", and I say "You own me now". You could have me say things with the same emphasis on words that you put like, "you will do anything I tell you to do", and I have to repeat with that emphasis. I just love the idea of being under and repeating things that make me more and more yours, although I feel so yours now. I have heard that making the subject repeat things make them more real to the subject. You would know better than me, but it makes sense to me.

Warning: This session is for submissives who have already been introduced to my hypnosis, and who are ready to take the step into complete and irrevocable enslavement; listen only if you are ready

Includes: femdom hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, mental conditioning, repetition, love and addiction, true enslavement, financial enslavement. 26:16 minutes for $29.99

Listen to "Sworn Into Slavery" Sample:
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"Under My Spell"

Goddess Lycia does not only claim to have the power to make you fall in love with her, she actually does it. In general, it is quite easy to fall in love with such a pretty, clever, intelligent, passionate, sensual, and creative woman. Add to that the fact that she is skilled in the areas of mesmerism and Femdom trance, and you are really in for it, boy. I almost feel bad for you, because the love you feel for me will never be requited. But then again, you are bound to find that living your life in service to Goddess Lycia is a gift, and that pleasing me makes you feel both euphoric and aroused.

Get ready to fall even more deeply in love with me than you imagined a human being could, and to feel more utterly submissive to me than ever before.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom trance, mind control, brainwashing, mesmerizing, love and addiction, goddess worship. 24 minutes for $29.99

Listen to "Under My Spell" Sample:
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"Post-Orgasm Arousal"

Do you love the feeling of being utterly submissive and extremely horny? Wouldn't it be nice to stay that way, even after you make cummies? How about an erotic hypnosis audio file which turns your orgasms into triggers, which immediately put you back in horny submissive mode?

Well, here you have it. It's so dumb to be like, "Oh, so that's that," after an orgasm. This audio file not only conditions you to maintain sexual arousal and feelings of adoration and obedience to your Mistress after cumming, but it also intensifies those feelings. This way, after you spurt, you will be even more aroused than you were before you came. Which can ultimately lead to Multiple Male Orgasms!

This erotic hypnosis audio file includes an orgasm trigger near the end!

20:07 minutes for $24.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, post-orgasm arousal, multiple male orgasms, male submission, femdom

Listen to "Post-Orgasm Arousal" Sample:
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"The Slave Maker"
It's true; you *have* been incorrectly programmed. The information you've been fed throughout your life about what your goals should be, what you believe in, and how to behave has caused you to live a completely misguided life. You have struggled, perhaps, with the idea of submission and service to an amazing Woman. Maybe you have thought that it would feel so right to be a slave, but fell back into the false information and lifestyle that you have become unhappily accustomed to. Well, you finally have the opportunity to be re-programmed into 100% correct thought. You will become My True Slave, and it will be the best thing to ever happen to you. Life is about to just begin...

27:46 minutes for $29.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, mental conditioning, reprogramming, enslavement, goddess worship, orgasm control, orgasm trigger
Listen to "The Slave Maker" Sample:
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femdom hypnosis
"Devotional Orgasm"

Goddess Lycia leads you into a deep state of trance, and programs you into becoming more deeply enslaved to Her. She takes complete control of your body and mind, causing you to feel intense sexual arousal combined with feelings of submission and devotion. After a fair bit of teasing you with her hands, Goddess ultimately allows you to experience a mind-blowing orgasm.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, Goddess worship, enslavement, orgasm

22:30 minutes for $19.99

Listen to "Devotional Orgasm" Sample:
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Sensual domination through hypnosis, perfect for first-time hypnosis, as well as for experienced subjects. Lycia and Isabella bring you very deep into a trance, make you extremely sexually aroused, and lead you into a mind-blowing orgasm. 27 minutes for $34.99 (post production by Isabella Valentine)

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, hypnodommes

Listen to "Hypnotica" Sample
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"The Ultimate Paradise"

Goddess Lycia and Isabella Valentine each want you to join them in a perfect erotic world of their own concoction, but the worlds are separate and very different from one another. Which world will you be pulled into, Isabella's erotic world of love and light, or Lycia's erotic world of dark debauchery? A very hot tug-o-war fantasy hypnosis session.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, male submission, servitude.

30:18 mins. for $34.99

Listen to "The Ultimate Paradise" Sample:
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femdom brainwashing
"Femdom Brainwashing"
Would you like to learn to be a better slave for your Mistress, or just a better man for a woman to have in her life? The important tips and tricks in this recording will be planted into your mind over and over by the hypnotic voices of Goddess Lycia and Isabella Valentine. Listen to this recording again and again, and you will become the perfect willing slave. This is brainwashing (rather than hypnosis) but it fits best in this category.

Includes: Femdom/malesub, shoe licking, servitude, pleasing your Mistress.

31:28 minutes for $34.99
Listen to "Femdom Brainwashing" Sample:
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cuckold hypnosis
"Cuckold Fever"
Ever fantasize about seeing your woman with another man? Maybe your wife, girlfriend, Mistress, or even your secret crush? Well now you will not only get to see her, but will learn to love helping her find dates, and even licking up the sloppy seconds! Erotic hypnosis audio recording by Goddess Lycia and Isabella Valentine.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, cuckolding.

28:06 minutes for $34.99
Listen to "Cuckold Fever" Sample
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"Remember to Forget"
This hypnosis mp3 will make it so you will be unable to remember what happened (or what will happen) in any of your hypnosis sessions with Goddess Lycia; past, present, and future. Whether your previous hypnosis sessions with Goddess Lycia were one-on-one, through mp3 recordings, or through video recordings, you will completely forget all that was said or done during any of them. you will also be unable to remember anything that happens during sessions to come. All hypnotic suggestions will be even more powerful as a result of your amnesia.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, mind control, conditioning, post hypnotic suggestions, confusion, amnesia.

30 minutes for $34.99
Listen to "Remember to Forget" Sample
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"Deep Mental Conditioning Program"
Erotic hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, conditioning for true Goddess Lycia submissives and those who are prepared to be. Meant to be psychologically invasive...taking you deeper yet, into your submission and devotion to Me. Also includes daily devotional masturbation and orgasm control. 32 mins. for $34.99
Listen to "Deep Mental Conditioning Program" Sample
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"The Elusive Dance"
What a nice evening it is. The sun has yet to set; perhaps a walk through the forest would do you some good. you haven't taken enough time for yourself lately, to just breathe and enjoy the soft breeze against your face.

It's summertime, and the trees are a deep, lush green in the light of dusk. Sometimes you can hear a small animal scurry through the grass, and the last chirps of birds before slumber. After a little stroll, you decide to sit down, relax your back against the strong trunk of a majestic old tree; be one with the earth, and allow it to drift you to sleep. The moon will be bright and full, just remember which direction you came from.

"Huh? What's that sound?" you awaken to an atmospheric melody much like music. But forests do not create music...are you dreaming? Perhaps you are, or perhaps it is the beautiful Woman moving seductively before you, weaving music into the air with Her dance.

Without speaking, She summons you to your feet. Her legs, Her hips, Her hands, moving so gracefully that you are magnetized. She softly wraps Her arms around your neck, and pulls you close. Her body is adorned in sheer layers of cloth which are continuously lifted by the wind. Her body gliding against you, weaving a spell.

But then she lets go. She giggles, and turns away. She moves deeper into the woods, and you are compelled to follow. Shouldn't you get home, sweet submissive? It's very dark now...

you follow Her, absentmindedly, not knowing or caring where She will lead you. A part of you thinks that you should just turn around and go home, but she weaves an intricate pattern through the trees, and soon you forget where you came from.

Occasionally, She stops at a large tree; looks at you and smiles. you are gently pushed back against the tree, and She presses Her body to you again. As She dances against you, you are unable to move. All you can feel is the immense sexual arousal growing inside, and a powerful love spell consuming your entire being.

When She dances, all is perfection. The desire you feel for Her is unlike anything you have ever experienced. But then She moves away, eluding you. And all you can do is follow.

Where will this mysterious Woman lead you? Why does She tease you with Her sexy moves, just to end it by walking away? And why are you compelled to follow this stranger, when doing so could lead to ultimate danger?

you might not discover the answer to any of these questions, but it doesn't really matter, sweetie. What matters is the rush of lust. What matters is that which feels so good, regardless of any consequences: being obtained by the unattainable, if only for one night.

30 minutes for $34.99
Listen to "The Elusive Dance" Sample
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"Vast Release"
Erotic hypnosis with a simple premise: bringing you into a deep trance, which culminates in a powerful orgasm. NO love & addiction, t&d, humiliation, feminization, or financial domination. Simply sweet and gentle hypnosis as a service to you~

Includes: arm-raising induction, progressive relaxation, full body massage, stroking, blow job, and ultimate climax. Perfect for first-timers! 34 minutes for $34.99
Listen to "Vast Release" Sample
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femdom hypnosis
"Heart Throb"

Here is an erotic hypnosis/love and addiction session that will make you fall deeply in love with Me. If you are already deeply in love with Me, this session will make your love much stronger.

Do you live for the torment of emotional and sexual love and addiction? It feels so good to fall head over heels for the pretty lady with so much sexual power, beauty, and creativity. you long to feel your love for Me grow stronger all the time. The more you try to resist, the deeper you fall.

Who better to be in love with than the Ultimate Goddess? Mistress Lycia will take over your mind and reprogram it so that your love will never fade. Every time you listen to this session, your romantic and erotic feelings for Me will increase in intensity.

you need Me, sweetie. *smiles* It's okay, I will pay your heart and your penis attention sometimes~ 30 minutes for $34.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, Femdom hypnosis, love and addiction, unrequited love fetish

Listen to "Heart Throb" Sample
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"The Clinic"

Welcome to The Clinic. This clinic is especially for hopelessly Mistress Lycia-obsessed, blue-balled hypnoslaves.

Meet Nurse Lina, who clearly has sympathy for your very serious condition. She used to be one of Mistress Lycia's subjects Herself! Like all of the Women employed at The Clinic, Nurse Lina wears a sheer white blouse, unbuttoned at the top, a white bra, and a tight-fitting skirt. She injects you with your much-needed Lycaphine, bringing you deeper into a trance than ever before.

Then, Doctor Leila is introduced. She assesses the condition of your aching, swelling testicles, and provides hands-on treatment, using a special, medicated oil which heightens sensitivity and arousal.

Will you be allowed to cum at The Clinic? Mistress Lycia and Nurse Lina observe as Doctor Leila gives you the most amazing tease and denial handjob you have ever imagined. She has been trained to use her soft, skillful hands and long fingers to tease and torture you to the brink. you must have the permission of Mistress Lycia or Her minions in order to cum. Was coming to The Clinic a mistake? Will everything be even more intense now? I dare you to find out *smiles* 34 minutes for $34.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, tease and denial, medical fetish

Listen to "The Clinic" Sample
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femdom hypnosis

Isabella is the drug "Bellaphine" and Lycia is the drug "Lycaphine." Bellaphine is injected into your right arm, and Lycaphine into your left arm. When we merge together, we create the ultimate, highly addictive drug- Adoraphine! (post production by Isabella Valentine) 35 mins. for $34.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, fantasy "drug," addiction, obsession, love fetish, sexual arousal, orgasm trigger at end

Listen to "Adoraphine" Sample
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transformation hypnosis
"Hands-Free Cumming"
This hypnosis session is designed to condition you to only have hands-free orgasms from now on. you will be able to touch yourself in a teasing manner in order to intensify sexual arousal (masturbation), but whenever you feel like you are close to ejaculating, you will stop touching. If you want to ejaculate, you will need to do so without using your hands to expedite the process. you will either need to: 1. Cum on command of a Dominant Woman, without any physical help, or 2. Cum while rubbing your penis against something, like a pillow, without any hand-help.

While this session is meant to condition your masturbation experiences from now on, it also provides you with an example of the orgasms you will be having for the rest of your life. I guide you through a teasing and denial process, telling you when and how to touch, and intensifying your level of sexual arousal, ultimately leading up to a hands-free orgasm.

Be sure to have handy a pillow or other object to rub against if you think it will be necessary in order for hands-free ejaculation to occur. Remember, there is no hand use in your orgasms. That means you are unable to use your hands in any way while cumming; you will need to set your rubbing object in such a way that you will be able to rub up against it without holding or touching it at all with your hands. Some ideas are:

1. A pillow set on your bed or couch
2. A pillow held between your legs
3. A clean, carpeted floor
4. Wearing tight (preferably spandex) underwear and grinding
inside them

Perhaps you have your own creative idea. Either way, from now on your orgasms will be created through intense tease and denial sexual arousal, until you are so horny that touching with your hands simply isn’t necessary anymore. Enjoy! 29 minutes for $34.99

P.S. If you have the opportunity to have sexual intercourse, receive a blow-job, or receive a hand-job from another person, you will be able to orgasm as usual. However, when you want to orgasm alone, or after touching yourself, you will only be able to cum without the use of your hands~

Listen to "Hands-Free Cumming" Sample
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"My Favorite Playtoy"
Hypnosis transforming you into My very favorite vibrating dildo. I'm very sexy, cutesie, and teasing. Making you feel like you are My constantly stiff, swollen dildo who lives in My panty drawer, existing only for My pleasure. Hot, detailed masturbation scene~ 28 minutes for $34.99

Includes: Transformation; Objectification; Sweet Teasing Mistress; Existing for One Purpose Only (My Sexual Pleasure); Living in My Panty Drawer; Mindlessness; Extreme Sexual Pleasure; Vibrations; Constant State of Arousal; Giggles; Moaning.
Listen to "My Favorite Playtoy" Sample
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"Dream of Me"
Erotic hypnosis mp3 in which Goddess Lycia programs you to dream of Her every night, and to remember your dreams the next day.

Goddess Lycia guides you into a relaxed and empty place, where she teaches you that dreaming correctly is a crucial part of thinking correctly. Enjoy this sweet, yet powerful trance which will cause you to have intense, vivid, sensual dreams of Goddess Lycia each night. you will look forward to falling asleep and being in the presence of the Ultimate Hypnodomme, as well as waking up to memories of the amazing time spent.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, mind control, dream control, love and addiction, Goddess worship, seduction, subliminals, kissies.

30 minutes for $34.99
Listen to "Dream of Me" Sample
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"Sleepy Time"

Hypnotizing you to sleep. Also implanting post-hyp suggestion to fall asleep whenever you like. I lead you to a soft fluffy bed and tuck you in. you will have a sound and restful sleep accompanied by sweet dreams. No mention of arousal. 19 minutes for $24.99

Includes: insomnia hypnosis

Listen to "Sleepy Time" Sample
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