Money Slavery Videos by Goddess Lycia
financial domme
"Lipstick Mindfuck"

Now I love you, now I don't! You love when a beautiful woman is sweet and flirtatious one minute, and then a cruel and heartless bitch the next. It fucks with your head and makes your cock *so hard.* I just adore fucking with your mind and your emotions, teasing you with my glossy red lips, drawing you closer with my beauty and allure, and then breaking your heart into pieces when I insult what a disgusting fucking pervert I truly think you are, and remind you that I'm really just using you for your money *kiss* 10:41 mins. for $14.99

Includes: financial domination, lipstick fetish, kissies, mind fucking, flirting, teasing, humiliation, mixed messages, blonde fetish, glamorous femdomme

financial domme
"Blonde Bitch Fetish"

Goddess Lycia looks fucking FINE as she shows off her long, shiny blonde hair. She is also a MEAN BITCH, telling you how other women pale in comparison to her high-maintenance beauty. Goddess knows you want to touch her soft hair, to smell it, to worship it in person. But all you are ever allowed to do is buy videos of her playing with and talking about it! How funny is that? All Goddess wants is your MONEY, so that she can use it to become even more beautiful and powerful, which makes you even more *financially* enslaved. Diddle away, sillies; it's the furthest you'll ever get with Me! 7:44 mins. for $14.99

Includes: blonde fetish, hair fetish, financial domination, mean bitch Goddess

financial domination
"February is My Month"
A financial fetish and lip gloss-themed reminder to my admirers that February is MY month, and you must do your best to serve and please. I flirt with your body, mind, and wallet, and you eventually find yourself weak, helpless, and needing to tribute. *kiss* 4:09 minutes for $14.99

Includes: fingernail fetish, lipstick fetish, financial domination, money slavery, financial fetish, wallet seduction
"Glamour Goddess "

Goddess Lycia looks gorgeous wearing her black satin robe and smoking a cigarette on her new leather couch. You can't help but to buy up all her videos and mp3s, and you work so hard at your boring job to send her more money! Meanwhile, she's living a life of luxury. Might as well face it; you are Goddess Lycia's financial slave, and she loves reminding you how weak and helpless she makes you feel. Go ahead sweetie, buy more products and send more tributes so that Goddess Lycia becomes more rich.

Includes: satin, leather, smoking fetish, teasing, financial domination, financial fetish, money slavery, glamour. 8 mins. for $8.99