Recorded Erotica by Hypnodomme Goddess Lycia
Femdom Erotica written and recorded by Goddess Lycia

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femdom erotica
"Recorded Erotica Package DEAL"

Get all seven of my recorded erotic stories for half the price! Descriptions can be read below. Altogether, the stories would cost $101, but through this goody bag you will download them all for $50. Stories include: erotic hypnosis, sissification, forced bi, sensual domination, ass worship, goddess worship, tease and denial, humiliation, and general Femdom.

femdom hypnosis erotica
"Amber's Pendant"

Robert is surprised (and excited) when Amber invites him up to her apartment after three weeks of dating. She seemed so shy, and he was used to a more dominant type of woman. But once Amber has him in her bedroom, everything changes. Will this woman lead to his demise?

Fetishes include: mind reading, mind control, breast fetish, purple pendant, witchery, enslavement, shy girl turned femme fatale. 9:24 minutes for $9.99

femdom erotica
"Forced to Watch"

Brandon was a good boy, who brought Goddess Lycia Her morning coffee, cleaned her house, and did menial tasks here and there. One day, he confessed his desire to wear female panties and to be forced to watch Goddess Lycia sleep with another man. Goddess Lycia knew that seeing Her sleep with another man would simply break Brandon's heart, despite however strong the fantasy. So, She decided not to do anything about it....until the latte incident.

Fetishes include: house boy, task boy, sissification, humiliation, small penis humiliation, cuckolding, bondage, forced to watch, orgasm control. 10:42 minutes for $9.99

tease and denial erotica
"Teasing Tommy to Tears: A True Story"

Goddess Lycia is acutely aware of Her employee's crush on Her; She can see his little lump poking his work slacks outward just about every day! One warm night, She invites Tommy to drink with Her out in nature. She then commences to tease, brainwash, and deny him from cumming. By the end of the story, Tommy is a complete mess, and more deeply in love with Goddess Lycia than ever before.

Fetishes include: tease and denial, orgasm control, hypnosis, mind control, boss/employee, panties (on male and female), multiple kissies, humiliation, chanting, humping the air, crying. 15:24 minutes for $14.99

"The Sissy Story"

Two men are forced by Goddess Lycia to get into their pretty pink sissy outfits, and then are hypnotized to suck each other's penises until they cum.

Fetishes include: sissification, cock/cum addiction, panties, crossdressing, obedience, hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, humiliation. 16:28 minutes for $15.99

"Exquisite Denial"

Goddess Lycia meets Her devoted submissive out in a fragrant field at dusk, and commands him to entertain Her

Fetishes include: light humiliation, foot worship, crawling, begging, tease and denial, tickling, forced masturbation, cock ring, test of endurance, mind games. 15:57 minutes for $15.99

"My Little Asslicker"

Goddess Lycia’s slave Wally comes to Her house for a session of abuse and forced ass-licking. Both Goddess and slave get more than they bargained for.

Fetishes include: bondage, blindfold, penis gag, humiliation, verbal abuse, riding crop, paddling, tickling, butt plug, begging, orgasm denial, asslicking, implied forced bi. 14:37 minutes for $13.99

"The Shrinking Penis"

Born with a very small penis, Marty has already accepted his fate as a slave to women when he meets Goddess Lycia. He loves the humiliation of having a small penis so much, that he wishes for it to be even smaller. Will Goddess Lycia cause Marty's little penis shrink through hypnosis?

Fetishes include: Erotic hypnosis, humiliation, small penis humiliation, shrinking penis, nipple play, slavery. 20:51 minutes for $19.99