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so like, i'm really turning into a bimbo, like, i've sucked 3 guys and swallowed, and like, now i have really big boobs thanks to Goddess Lycia's Feminization Vids... *giggle* i'm such a girly bimbo slut ~lycias bimbodoll

i am Miss Lycia's horny female slut. It is such an honor to buy Her panties for Her real man boyfriend. Panties i wish i wore. ~OwnedbyLycia

What an incredible Goddess. She unleashed this wonderful vivacious girl who was hiding in me. She's simply the best. ~TitEnvy

Goddess Lycia knows exactly to humiliate me for being a cocksucking airhead bimbo slut hole, a jizztrap that is only good for sucking cock and paying Her ~sam20g2

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Are you a pretty lady....or a slutty cocksucking whore?

I can tell that there is a little closet sissy hiding inside you, just begging to be released. Awww, it's okay, cutie! Maybe you just love the feel of silky female fabrics rubbing against your genitals. Or are you already a popular mouth at the bookstores and truck stops? I know *all* about those glory hole fetishes, you dirty girl!

Would you like to be hypnotized to become even *more* of a sissy-girl fag? Or would you rather just have some kinky lesbian fun with Me? Do you wish you were a ditzy, big-breasted bimbo, or do you just need to acknowledge the wimpy little panty-boy you truly are?

Come to the Goddess Lycia with your horny little sissy clitty...I will make it all better for you ;-)

Sissification by Goddess Lycia


"Girl Parts"


Hypnosis/feminization mp3 where I transform you into a girl. The emphasis is on the transformation of your male parts into girl parts. your penis becomes a clitoris, your testicles become labia, and your anus becomes a vagina. Additionally, your nipples will become more sensitive and your breasts will grow. I will teach you how you are to play with your newly-developed girl parts in order to achieve the most satisfaction.

Because you will now have girl parts, you will also experience interesting sensations unique to females for one week out of each month, such as intense clitoral arousal and ability to easily cry when watching greeting card commercials.

Of course, you will also take on more feminine mannerisms, such as swaying your hips as you walk and making delicate gestures with your hands. When flirting, you will lick and purse your lips and bat your eyelashes, occasionally flinging your head back as if to remove hair from your face. you will wear women's panties as often as possible, and dress up just like a girl as often as you can. the pitch of your voice will raise dramatically, and others will notice.

Again, the emphasis is on complete transformation of male parts to girl parts. you will firmly believe that your parts have changed, and over time they will certainly take on characteristics you never dreamed possible. you will find pleasure in both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and will need to go to the bathroom sitting down from now on. Bubble baths, chocolate ice-cream, and cosmetics fill your heart with joy. Listen as often as possible for optimal results. 32 minutes for $34.99.


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