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Goddess Lycia's voice is unbelievably sexy. Sending Her money and listening to Her has my small penis straining hard against my chastity cage, and all i can do is keep sending Her my money like a good loser paypiggy. i want to cum so bad, if only i had permission, but instead She just laughs at my torment. i think i'm already addicted to Her. ~cagedpink

Amazingly adictive tease and denial hypnosis. There is no one better. ~DeniedbyLycia

Goddess Lycia's owns my cock and I have no choice but to follow her every direction. Her velvet smooth voice makes me so entranced. She has no equal. ~redfish

06/16/2009 Thank you Goddess for allowing me to watch your cum denial video. I especially like how both of you degrade me and tell me how I cant cum. I am so pathetic that I don't deserve to cum. I only want to cum if given permission and only then rarely. It makes me go insane with the need to cum when you deny me. ~squealingslave

Mistress Lycia owns my pathetic penis. i am Her cum denied jerkoff slave who can only look at pictures of Her beautiful face and jerk off without cumming. -Lycias Purple Pecker

Goddess Lycia is my Platinum Standard when it comes to teasing and denial. She's very sensual, very playful and absolutely tantalizing. Her ability to seize on your trigger words, then use them against you is insanely good. WOW!! Ten stars! -damon6991

Goddess Lycia has kept me in chastity for 127 days. my pili is purple and my balls are bloated. i feel more enslaved to Her as each day of chastity clicks away on my counter. my lost orgasms just pile up, as She has all She wants. ~luvlycia

Excellent T/D series. Brought me to the brink and kept me there for a very long, agonizing time. ~yourslv

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Goddess Lycia Controls your Cock!

How does it feel to have your cock controlled by a hot Domme? you know that you secretly love the torture of being My cum-denied jerk-off slave. I will make it so that you can ONLY cum with My permission. Sure, you will be a compulsive masturbator, but there will be NO RELEASE unless I decide to allow it.

How long can you go without cumming if I am teasing you with My sexy voice and sexual power? I will test your limits, taking you to the edge and back again, until you are begging Me to let you cum out of your swollen, purple penis *laughs*

Awww, poor baby. Does your wee-wee need to shoot it's load? I feel sooo bad for you and your condition of intense sexual frustration....but NOT really! *giggles* I actually love keeping you a submissive, squirming, wimpering slave with an aching pair of blue balls!

Poor achey blue-balls want to cum so badly, I might have to admit you to The Clinic! Until then, sweetie, I will just continuously tease and torture your perverted penis until it literally cries teardrops of precum from it's poofy purple head.

My giggles will make you so weak, My crystal blue eyes and moist pouty lips will tease you to the brink over and over again, and then guess what?



P.S. I love chastity training and cuckolds too!

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